Posted on August 28th, 2014

The Ice Art of Sapporo, Japan

The different types of ice art include sculptures of people, animals,, or objects. Some artists use various tools to sculpt with such as chainsaws, a hammer and chisels, or knives and their hands, or by using machines that are programed to follow a pattern. Other ice artists use snow and water during winter to produce works of ice art caught in a photo before it slowly melts from view. Water that has been filtered and frozen so that all impurities are removed is often used to produce glass like sculptures by professional ice artists. These artists work in a room where the temperature is below freezing and use a blow torch to finish the ice sculpture giving it a glass like appearance. It is hard to imagine that such meticulous pieces of ice art can be created. Gaining in popularity are the many ice art photo’s that have captured the fragile beauty of ice art before it melts away. Also, a growing trend is the incorporation of ice art at weddings, corporate gatherings, and other staged events. Ice art is a unique art form all its own, and seems to mesmerize the bystander who has the chance to view it.